This Mother’s Day, let’s praise and encourage, not blame or shame, single mothers

I am not a single mother, but as a military wife, sometimes I get a little glimpse of what single-mothering is like, and it’s super hard. If we Catholics really want to call ourselves pro-life, we need to do *something* to help single mothers that have chosen to give life and are trying to parent in a culture that excludes them from community support. And by the way, the *something* we do must be helpful, reliable and consistent.

Parenting is isolating, exhausting, and thankless. We live in a culture that supports privileged, PLANNED parenthood, but when people are poor, uneducated, nonwhite, or are blessed with children out of wedlock (or get divorced), we submit messages of blame and shame instead of encouragement and praise. The messages we send through our words, body langauge, action, inaction, inclusion and exclusion matters. The choices we make drive the outcomes we experience. How we treat Moms has an immense impact on the children they parent. Plus, besides the collateral impact of honoring marginalized mothers because it is the right thing to do, when we respect mothers they are more likely to feel energized and nurture children that grow up to be successful, autonomous, caring adults. The future depends on how we treat each other today, so let’s treat each other with love and compassion.

2 thoughts on “This Mother’s Day, let’s praise and encourage, not blame or shame, single mothers

  1. Did you know that a Jesuit called Robert Drinan actually helped if not actually got it authorised, to abort Babies in the USA.
    I will be doing a posting about it in a short while,
    perhaps you will check it out??
    I doubt it though.


    • Sorry for the delayed reply. My iPhone was giving me a bit of trouble. Feel free to share your blog on this subject with me, and I will read it. I do know Congressman/Father Robert Drinan lacked magisterial authority, and although he was an advocate for some humans’ rights, his work on legal abortion rights contradicted Church teaching. It is with great conviction that I believe life begins at conception and should be protected with full human dignity through natural death. Life is sacred . . .

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