2 thoughts on “Don’t judge but tell your neighbor when she offends you—balancing acts

  1. Rachel, I completely agree with you! I’m so sorry you have to deal with such prejudice. Ugh times a million !
    And I commend you for your courage to call out those who deliberately offend you. Our parish priest says that he just responds sometimes to public displays of rudeness with a simple “ouch!”
    As much as people usually don’t enjoy those moments, I think it’s better than silence, as you said, because that seems to condone it or turns you into a victim.
    Stay the course , Rachel. You’re a great role model!

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    • Thanks so much, Kathy! You are a great role model to me and I am so honored that you subscribed to my blog. I agree with you and like the idea of responding with a simple “ouch.”

      All too often, I respond with a smile which seems easier. I act too pleasant, and as you mentioned, it condones rudeness AND disempowers me and others in similar positions.

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