Spring has sprung in MN

The third and fourth child hopped on their little scooters to “ride” to school this morning. They’ve been staying out to play as late as I will let them and eating and sleeping so well.

These spring days feel so glorious. Like an infant freshly emerged from the womb after a long and unpleasant pregnancy (and labor), the birth of the new human makes every bit of those dreary uncomfortable days feel so worth every moment of the wait. I guess that’s why we stay in MN. The wait is worth it.

Lots of time outside with this little lady . . .


5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung in MN

    • Thank you so much, Pat! I am trying to get over my own standards and “publish” even my unedited, short thoughts. The alternative is I don’t publish anything because it isn’t “good enough.” I really appreciate your support and encouragement! It reassures me that writing and just being authentic has value. And it really fills me with joy that you call my thoughts “well written.” Thank you!!!


    • Oh, Bonnie! I sure miss you too! Thank you!!!! I would love for you to come visit (bring Mike too) this summer. Dylan bought me an espresso machine so I can even make us fancy drinks. I need to buy a thermometer for the milk first though because sometimes I scald it. Or I could just make you iced lattes and no worry about whether the milk is hot enough, too hot or burnt.


  1. What a timely reminder that we in the great North are experiencing at the present moment!
    From another era:
    To everything, Turn, Turn, Turn There is a season, Turn, Turn, Turn and a time for every purpose under heaven.
    put to song by the Byrds in the 1960’s


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