March for Life

This post is for my beloved daughters, the Servidoras, and my friend Sue and her family, all of whom inspire me and remind me what it really means to be pro life.

They marched for the weak.

They marched for the strong.

They marched for the babies:

Born and unborn.

They marched for their mothers.

And for their fathers too.

Poor or privileged

Sheltered or homeless

Healthy or sick

Educated or illiterate

Stable or unstable

Young or old

Disabled or abled

In every form or way

Black, brown, white, red, yellow

Employed or unemployed

Beautiful or ugly

Strong or weak

Happy or sad

Planned or unplanned

They marched for the babies

who never were born

And for the mothers who never encountered

The undeniable




Of motherhood.

Because they were told lies.

We mourn with the women who were told their baby wasn’t really human, that “it” is just a burden, a clump of cells that will hold you back and prevent your happiness.

We cry with the women who wake up in terror, their bodies (often consensually) assaulted to make the sanctuary of their womb a war zone.

We are saddened for women who consume organic locally grown food but fight against the nature of their very powerful bodies. Fertility is their enemy.

But really, fertility is a gift. And birth is so empowering.

The world we live in is backwards. And upside down.

We all long to be loved and belong. So easily we forget that we are BE-LOVED and we DO belong. So easily I forget I am beloved and do belong.

But sisters and brothers, our home is not here. “The world’s thy ship and not thy home,” as St. Therese of Lisieux said.

Dear Sisters (and brothers), if you have been a victim of lies, whatever they are . . . If you have made a choice against the divine imprint of morality in your human heart, you are not alone. We are not here to judge you. I want to share the Gospel news that our God is a merciful God.

We have ALL sinned in one way or another. We are all fallen. But I want you to know that you remain the beloved of a merciful God who desires deep intimacy with you. He wants to forgive you and help you heal.

Like the prodigal son, you are welcome home, loved and longed for. And He will shelter and embrace you after your long journey home.

Here is a link for women who want to heal from abortions:

Let’s illuminate the darkness and bring light to the truth. Let’s not put women down for the actions they chose because of the lies they were told. And let’s talk and write about *real* feminism.

Let’s stop pitting women against children, as if children are the enemy.

Let’s stop pitting women against their bodies, as if fertility is the enemy.

Let’s raise our voices and make policies that support mothers and pregnant women, both in the workplace and at home.

Let’s elect and appoint women to public office who have conviction and don’t sell their bodies and souls to special interests and a party platform.

Let’s elect and appoint women who are mothers, especially mothers to more than one child (the more the better!), mothers who recognize the unique personhood of EACH human life. Let’s recognize women schooled in human experience.

For women who work, let’s provide quality childcare for their children and let’s be creative about flexible scheduling when and where it’s possible.

Let’s support both mothers AND fathers in their careers and advocate for wages and benefits that support their families.

Let’s support fathers as the protectors and providers for their families. Let’s fight for paid time off and benefits that allow them to bring their kids to appointments, attend to religious obligations and spend time with their family.

Let’s forgive the student loan debt of women who choose to stay home with their children.

Let’s expand and subsidize health care options for pregnant women and their children, so that women aren’t forced to see providers who belittle or disempower them.

Let’s invite other women and other men and their families over or out for a coffee, a cocktail or a meal.

Let’s be present and listen to one another and speak from the vulnerability of our hearts.

Let’s share our struggles as we play kitchen table politics and brainstorm solutions for the problems of today.

Let’s work together today for a better tomorrow.

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