At the foot of the Cross

At the foot of the cross

You’ll find us

Smiling outside

Exhausted inside



Fully aware

Redemption begins


At the feet

Of a suffering God

Made man


By us


For us


Bloody and bruised

Suffering immensely

He thirsts

Like us

For love

Of the beloved

A drop of water

A flood of rain

Many drops of water

An ocean



Where love is all in all


Two bodies in one

Then three in one

The trinity


A family

In the beginning

Love began


Serving one another


Until the fall

Suffering and ashamed

Visible and vulnerable

Together but alone

We see each other

With mercy

And loving eyes

And suddenly, darkness is illuminated

Like a puzzle

We become one


The voice of the beloved says, “Do not be afraid. I see you! I love you. I’m here.”

And the voice of the beloved reassures, “You’re thirsty. Let me bring you a drink.”

We are not alone.

Our thirst is quenched.

At the foot of the cross.

We die to ourselves

And rise up


With a God

Whose love is unconditional

In the light of the resurrection

Marriage is

A pilgrimage through a dark valley

In which we bear each other’s cross

And encourage each other to keep walking

Met by verdant pastures


Restful waters

We walk toward the light

Following the sound of the voice that says an eternal, “I love you.”

Homeward bound

We journey

The unity cross

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