Ode to an Ice Cream Bucket

Oh, ice cream bucket, plastically pragmatic.

You’re so versatile!

Translucent and durable, beacon of beauty.

The cozy home to vanilla, rocky road, peppermint Bon Bon, and so many delicious ice cream flavors which disappear so fast. And quiet my kids . . . temporarily.

Reduced, recycled and reused.

Adaptable, shape shifter.

You become

A compost bucket

A plant pot

A piggy bank

An Easter bucket

A craft bin

A barf 🤮 bucket

Peek a boo, I see you.

When in panic OR a pandemic, forget the 🧻 toilet paper, don’t gird your loins . . . Enjoy some ice cream.

Happy St. Padraig’s Day to all near and far! And remember, if you’re lucky enough to be irish ☘️, well . . . Well, you’re lucky enough. Slainte!!!

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