Palm Sunday with the Domestic Church

Palm Sunday, we participated in Mass at home with Father Mike:

I guess we forgot to light our candle 🕯 this time. I never would have imagined we would be participating in Mass from our living room during Lent and now Holy Week. That tv that I hate on our main floor has become our window to participate in the Mass for the past few weeks.

During this time of quarantine, I’m really aware of the comforts and the luxuries of our life we often take for granted—beyond electronics and access to Mass through them.

We have our own shelter to “shelter-in-place.” We have food, clean water, plumbing and toilet paper, showers and baths, access to our own outdoor space, access to books and music, freedom to practice our faith in our homes without fear. We, personally, are safe from violence in and out of our home, and please join me in praying for everyone who is not safe right now.

And even with all our privilege, I am not asserting this time of quarantine is without suffering. But I’m trying to be mindful of our abundance. In the spirit of the kerigma Father Mike preached, I hope you will join me in offering up your brokenness, grief and suffering and even rejoicing in your sufferings (Colossians 1:24) as St. Paul encouraged us to do.

I’ve included a couple video clips of us preparing to celebrate tv Mass.
We prepared for Palm Sunday Mass with music and waved last year’s palms.
S’mores and bonfire 🔥
Every Sunday—in every liturgical season, we celebrate a “mini-Easter.” And it’s especially rewarding to break from our Lenten fasts to make Sundays a holiday during Lent. We do struggle during Dylan’s drill weekends but we always have some type of feast, a lack of chores, and a more laid back day (after Mass typically). Here’s some info on Sunday as a mini-Easter during Lent:
We always make Sunday a holiday and a day of rest. Here’s some information on the Sabbath, day of rest:

Have a blessed Holy Week!

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