Trump’s Great America and Tantruming Toddlers

Like a hungry, overtired toddler with a disrupted routine, the cult of Trump supporters have tantrumed that they’re FOR law and order. They’re infantile response to “Black Lives Matter” is “Blue Lives Matter” or “All lives matter,” never acknowledging that black lives do in fact matter, never posting about racial injustice when an African-American is murdered for no other reason than the color of their skin.

Have you ever heard toddlers with a speech delay argue with their limited vocabularies when raging with emotion they’re unable to identify, cope with or understand? Well, as a mother of 8, including some kiddos who had speech delays, I have and it’s certainly not pretty nor is it peaceful.

These toddlers tantrum at any point any of their siblings receive the most basic care while they themselves have things handed down them without doing chores or contributing the minimum to the family. Privileged. Entitled. And spoiled. Rotten. “It’s unfair!” they scream as they are given the whole pie.

I watched and read the news as domestic terrorists waved their emblems of white supremacy: the Trump flag, the Confederate Flag, Blue lives Matter Flags as they stormed the Capitol with no regard for *anyone’s* life, blue or otherwise. They were incited by their demagogue leader: President Trump who consistently undermines democracy, national security, process and policy. If there’s anything he’s great at it’s lies but a simple fact check or understanding of government agency, the law, public policy or international relations would easily counter any lie. Nonetheless, toddlers are rarely literate. Their information comes from the stimuli external to them. So, I’ll call him the Great Deceiver; although, there’s no denying that gives him far too much credit for his lack of intelligence, as well as that of his illiterate, rural followers who have never walked a mile in anyone else’s shoes.

The Great Deceiver cuts taxes for the middle class with an expiration date and interest, so the families with no understanding of tax law or national deficit for that matter, think “oh, money! I’m doing better now. Well, Karen, this is the greatest thing since apple pie!” They don’t understand their tax cuts will expire and they’ll bear the burden of tax cuts for the rich, all while their goods and services are reduced.

He says he’s “pro life” while rushing the death penalty for rehabilitated persons who committed crimes in their youth and have spent their life behind bars, reflecting and repenting. No mercy for them though, as he pardons people who have committed heinous crimes while risking national security for ALL lives.

“Pro life” he says as he repeals ObamaCare, taking away medical care from every poor pregnant mother without health insurance. This deceptive image from Reagan of the black welfare Mom is what these Trumpsters imagine, failing to recognize the majority of people utilizing general welfare services are *white women in rural areas.* I see it every day. The hypocrisy. And to clarify, I’m 💯 FOR general welfare programs. I think we are responsible for each other and that means sometimes people need a little help to get on their feet. But I’m perplexed that the people I see speaking against these programs are the people who are on them or who wouldn’t be here if they and their children did not utilize government services.

But there’s hope. Trump has lost fair and square with each recount and in each court, (yes, at the expense of the American people AND at the risk of our national security).

In stark contrast, the President and VP Elect have shared continuous messages of TRUTH, unity, equity, inherent worth of ALL people regardless of race, creed, sex, sexuality and including those who serve our country in police blue, navy blue, army green, sailor white.

I am so glad for the first time I remember in my lifetime, we prayed and prayed and prayed and even fasted for a President and Vice President with faith and moral conviction. And we got ‘Em. Hallelujah. We got ‘em. With God, all things really are possible!

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Great America and Tantruming Toddlers

  1. I agree with almost everything else you said, but how is the “blue lives matter” flag supportive of white supremacy. I understand that SOME of the police officers in our country have shown obvious signs that they are white supremacists, but to say all police officers are racist is very bold, have you met and talked to every single one of them and determined that they are all racist? I understand and feel extremely bad for the victims of police brutality and am not trying to understate how terrible some officers are, but the good officers out there who are not racist and maybe people of color themselves are carrying the burden of what the others have done. I respect you and your opinion and acknowledge that I am ignorant in many areas so please if I’m wrong just tell me but this is my opinion. And as I know you are a devout catholic I recommend listing to the “Ask Father Josh” podcast, the episode on police reform from June 30, 2020 and start listening at 26:56. This is something I found helpful I personally liked the way he put it. Thank you for your time.

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    • Dear Katy,

      I appreciate you sharing your concerns in an articulate manner. Thank you.

      Don’t worry—I didn’t say nor would I ever say (or think) all police officers are racist. I know so many great police officers who work tirelessly to serve the community they work in and protect democracy. I have quite a few police officers friends and mentors whom I greatly respect.

      Blue Lives Matter, however, is a countermovement to Black Lives Matter. It perpetuates a dangerous false perception that Black Lives Matter is an anti-police movement and it denies that black lives DO matter. As I know you know, black people in this country suffer terrible injustices (sometimes but not always at the hands of law enforcement) simply for the color of their skin. While police officers can take off their uniform at the end of the day, no such privilege exists for people born black who unlike police officers who chose their career, did not choose the color of their skin. The police officers I know and am friends with are righteously angry at racial injustice, just as I perceive you and your family to be. Like I think your Dad does, there are many good police officers who serve our community and see each person as an image of God. They don’t deny that Black Lives Matter. And because they share in outrage about injustice, they don’t feel the need to tauntingly chant back or raise flags that say “blue lives matter.”

      I remember so clearly the day Maplewood police sergeant Joe Bergeron was fatally shot not far from our neighborhood at the time. It was tragic and so incredibly sad. I remember how our entire community mourned, regardless of race and honored his life. I also remember law enforcement and elected friends attending the funeral at the Cathedral of St. Paul where we often attended Mass. We watched the footage and we felt a sense of patriotism as we ALL grieved together at a life taken too soon. The person who killed him got the maximum sentence, more than 35 years in prison, as is justified. I sat on a Board that allocated funds to make the area where he was killed safer. While the man who killed him in this case was a white male, imagine if people showed up with “black lives matter” signs to “protest” anything we did to problem solve, mourn, and cry for justice. Would that unite people or divide them? I posit it would divide people and I think you would probably agree with me. It would increase suffering. It would be contrary to LOVE, and it would send the message that this Black Lives Matter faction endorses violence against police officers.

      And if the “Blue Lives Matter” was derived before Black Lives Matter from such a tragedy and their name was original (not using the same language to taunt back and counter), that would be different. But the flag and slogan approach tragedy and racial injustice to remind us of whose lives matter in this country and culture, whose lives are superior and whose are inferior.
      And no person is inferior—again, I think we agree on all of this but your concern was that I think all police officers are racist. I hope my comment clarified my point of view and we can continue to stand against injustice together.


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